Safety First!


Let’s talk about ladder safety – an important topic to keep ourselves and others safe. Here are some essential tips to follow:


1. Choose the right ladder: Ensure it’s the correct size and type for the job and can support your weight and tools.


2. Inspect before use: Check for damage or defects before climbing.


3. Stable ground: Place the ladder on a firm, level surface to avoid wobbling or sliding.


4. Proper setup: Fully open an extension ladder and lock it into place.


5. 3-point contact: Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder while climbing.


6. Don’t overreach: Keep your body centered between the side rails to avoid falling.


7. No horseplay: Never use ladders for play or stack them on other objects for extra height.


8. Climb facing the ladder: Avoid climbing with your back to the ladder.


9. No climbing in severe weather: Avoid ladder use during high winds, rain, or storms.


10. Buddy system: When possible, have someone hold the base of the ladder for added stability.


Spread the word and share these ladder safety tips to help prevent accidents. Safety is everyone’s responsibility!