Helping Your Business grow through Employee Safety

diminishing your safety concerns so that you can focus on your business

As four brothers coming together from different industries with over 50 years combined experience in project management, assessment and evaluation, development, construction, and consultation, we understand how to audit, create, or implement the exact plan you need.

Lavazza Safety was formed in the Summer of 2022 to make a difference in Arizona. Adam, Anthony, Aaron, and Austin came together with their combined experience to provide occupational safety and health services and consultation in General Industry, Construction, Maritime, Agriculture, and Federal workspaces. Lavazza Safety brings over 25 years of quality experience in safety and health including degrees, certifications, designations, and former compliance officer experience.

Lavazza Safety provides services to include helping companies become and stay compliant with federal and state regulations, providing the company with safety audits and inspections, annual safety and health training, and other needs a company may need regarding occupational safety and health. Lavazza Safety also provides expert investigations and information in the event of any accidents. Providing this valuable counsel allows Lavazza Safety to help recommend and assist in providing abatement for hazards that may be present in the workspace. Safety is integral to the safe operation of every company to protect their most valuable asset, their people. Lavazza Safety works hard to integrate safety into every company, so that their people can work safely and make it home to their family.

Anthony Lavazza

Anthony Lavazza, President and Director of Operations for Lavazza Safety, and older middle brother is a Marine Corps Veteran. He enlisted in September 2003 in the Marine Corps as a Bulk Fuel Specialist and later received a secondary MOS as Ground Safety Manager. Anthony has since earned a BS in Health Science (Pre-professional) from Arizona State University and a MS in Occupational Safety and Health and Emergency Management from Eastern Kentucky University. Utilizing his knowledge and experience to this point, Anthony started working as Compliance Officer for Federal OSHA, furthering his understanding of occupational safety and health. To reach the peak of the occupational field Anthony spent the time to earn his Certified Safety Professional designation that recognizes his achievements in the occupational safety and health field.

Adam lavazza

Adam Lavazza, CEO and CFO for Lavazza Safety, and oldest brother is a recognized professional in the business world.  Graduating with an Interdisciplinary undergraduate degree with an emphasis on business, he held positions early in his career that allowed him to leverage his skill sets and apply unique methods from different industries to help solve business issues without loss of efficiency or efficacy. After several years in the workforce, he then began and subsequently completed a graduate degree further enhancing his interdisciplinary approach. His career has moved more toward consulting and entrepreneurial pursuits in recent years as he continues to be recognized as a solution-focused thinker and businessman helping organizations achieve their desired results. When not working, Adam enjoys playing music and disc golf.

Aaron lavazza

Aaron Lavazza, Director of Marketing for Lavazza Safety, and younger middle brother has spent many years in the food and beverage industry, earning an Associates of Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management while studying personal development, internal workflow systems and marketing. Aaron spent many years working towards the safe design and development of kitchens and restaurants.  During his studies he changed career paths to commercial construction. Working his way up through the metal framing and drywall trade, he expanded his construction knowledge and worked his way up to project management for a commercial construction subcontractor.  He now manages and trains a team of workers in the safe construction of many buildings in the Phoenix metro area.

Austin lavazza

Austin Lavazza, Director of Construction Safety for Lavazza Safety, and youngest brother has made a career in the construction industry. Working as a carpenter for many years building custom additions and renovations he kept refining his techniques. Austin eventually started expanding his knowledge and skills to more areas of construction. With 20 years as a carpenter, he can build almost anything and is professional at creating and designing custom homes. Austin is currently a general foreman with many years building, supervising, and providing safe working knowledge to new workers in the construction industry.